Q What is your current production time?

A Coir Doormats: 5-7 business days
Farmhouse Wood Signs: 5-7 business days
Throw Pillows: 3-5 business days
Coffee Mugs: 3-5 business days
Wall Decals: 3-5 business days

Q Can I include a note/gift wrap?

A Of course! It's always fun to get a gift in the mail! All of our items come gift wrapped but we'd be happy to include a note! We'll handwrite it and include it with your package. Just leave us all the info in your order comments when you checkout!

Q I can't find what I'm looking for. Can you create a custom design for me?

A Absolutely! We'd love to work together to help you create exactly what you want! ! Whether you need us to create a custom design or have a design in mind already, we can definitely help you with your request!

Q Do you sell wholesale?

A Yes! If you are interested in some of our products for your shop or boutique please contact us and we'll get you set up.

Q Can I wash my pillow?

A While we use the highest quality materials for your pillow and printing we reccommend spot cleaning when possible. You may iron your pillow as needed - simply turn inside out!

Q What type of weather can my doormat withstand?

A To prolong the life of your mat we recommend keeping it in a sheltered area such as a covered porch, garage, or under an awning. Direct Rain, snow, and constant sunlight will cause your mat to degrade faster. If your mat gets wet, turn it over to let the water drain out and then let it dry in the sun. You can expect some initial shedding over the first month of use.

Q Can I put my coffee mug in the microwave or dishwasher?

A Yes! Our coffee mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe!

Q Can I hang my sign on the wall?

A Our signs can stand alone or be hung. Hanging hardware will be included but NOT installed. Each sign - excluding the 7” x 7” mini size - comes with an easy to install black saw-tooth hanger. Our 7” x 7” mini size is light enough to hang with a small nail or command strip (not included).

Q Are decals removable or reuseable?

A Decals are just as easy to remove as they are to install! Simply start at one corner, roll them down at an angle and gently peel off the wall. Our decals will remove cleanly and easily without leaving behind any sticky residue or damaging your walls. Decals are not reusable. Because we use the highest quality of vinyl, they might still retain their ‘stickiness’ once removed. However, because the material is very thin, the decal will not retain it’s shape or design once removed.

Q I just painted how long do I have to wait to put up my decal?

A Our vinyl manufacturer recommends that freshly painted surfaces be allowed to dry for 2 weeks before applying decals. This allows ample time for the surface to completely dry, thus allowing the decals to stick properly!

Q I have LOW VOC, NO VOC, and/or paint with stain-blockers. Will the decal stick?

A Unfortunately, our decals (and almost ALL other types of self adhesive wall decals sold by other companies) may not adhere to walls that are painted with LOW or NO VOC paints. This warning comes directly from our vinyl manufacturer.Our decals will absolutely not stick to walls painted with any type of paint with a stain-blocker in it. The sole purpose of a stain-blocker is to prevent things from sticking! Please request a test decal to test your walls first. If you do order a decal please use the test decal first. PLEASE NOTE: If you purchase a decal, despite having any of these types of paint, and your decal does not stick – NO refund, replacement, or exchange will be honored.

Q I have textured walls; will a decals work on textured surfaces?

A Decals work best on smooth surfaces and walls. Certain types of textured paint, such as paint with a sand or gritty component, will prevent your decal from sticking. If you have a regular drywall surface, our decals should adhere just fine. We always recommend requesting and using a test decal before purchasing if you are unsure!
Sill have questions? Feel free to contact us!